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Second Baptist 39th & Monroe - 1963
.........A history continues.
On December 6, 1981. Rev. David O. Shipley became the sixth pastor of our historic Second Baptist Church. Continuing the Christian work which had been established. Pastor Shipley spearheaded many improvements in the organization and administration of the church. A few of his accomplishments are: renovation of the church building and grounds in a three phase program, purchasing additional property, reorganization of the service programs and a video and tape ministry. Dr. Shipley retired.

On May 1, 1998 Dr. Kendall D. Jones, Sr was called as the 7th Pastor of the Great Second Baptist church.  He began his ministry  wasting no time to implement a pledge program to acquire state-of-the-art transportation equipment and the installation of an elevator. Dr. Jones began leading Second Baptist down a path of ďA church without walls. An annual block fellowship party was developed,  T-Shirt day and an aggressive church slogan to let others know Second Baptist is destine to be excellent at whatever its endeavors may be.

As  sometimes  happens  in  the  best  of  times,  we face  situations  that  can  only  be  resolved  by separation  and  because  of  this  Rev.  Jones accepted a post to pastor the New Bethel Baptist Church  in  Winston  Salem,  North  Carolina in August of 2006

With this concern facing the congregation, Rev. Karlous  Kalu,  equipped  and  ready,  willingly stepped  into  the  breech  for  the  task  of  interim pastor effective August 1, 2006. Second Baptist Church continues to be blessed with his outstanding pastoral leadership today. Rev. Kalu has humbly and unselfishly shared his gifts and talents with Second Baptist for many years. He loves the Lord and is truly a Man of God. Rev. Kalu works in a professional manner and has committed himself to serve God and Godly people through his spiritual, professional, and academic preparation. Rev. Kalu is interested in the total church body.

In July of 2008 Second Baptist Church welcomed its eighth Pastor in Vernon P Howard, Jr. Dr. Howard is a Kansas City native, raised by his mother, maternal grandmother and a host of other family members. Under his leadership, the congregation began to see new ministries ushered in. For many years, a faithful few had attended Wednesday night prayer service. Under Dr. Howard bible study was held in the sanctuary with attendance over 150. Nearly 600 persons joined or returned home to Second Baptist. 150 were new converts. Dr. Howard led the church with a new ministry and financial program called "Miracle on 39th Street" .SBC picked up previous administration plans of David Shipley & Kendall Jones to enhance the current location and ministry focus.  As in the Biblical account of David in I King 1 sometimes our plans are made for the next generation to fulfill. On June 6, 2014 Vernon P. Howard, Jr submitted his resignation seeking a new season in his life.

On March 5, 2016 the people of Second Baptist Church heard the Holy Spirit and a new Angel was appointed as leader in the Rev. Kevin Nelson as the ninth Pastor. Rev. Nelson was licensed by the Late Earl Able of Palestine Baptist Church and ordained by Pastor
Delano Benson of the Pleasant Green Baptist Church of Kansas City, Missouri.  SBC dissolved its relationship with Rev. Nelson March 2018.

On February 16, 2020 Second Baptist called Rev. Joe L. Callahan, Jr. as the 10th Pastor of its History.  Stay tuned, more to come.